What is Being Limitless TV?


Being Limitless TV, is your new Brighton-based platform for conscious thought leaders, visionaries, influencers and entrepreneurs

from the world of television, film, theatre, music, the arts, sciences, health & wellness and personal development and more.

Collaborate with us in the creation of a consciousness-expanding global network, a platform where you can Voice your Vision and which fosters humanitarian spirit, peace and enlightenment around the world.


Come and join us in the expansive spirit of this collaboration and explore with us the notion of transformation and of Being Limitless:

How to Live Your Limitless Life

with founder Josephine Tyrrell and her legendary guests.


Josephine Tyrrell:
Being Limitless TV founder Josephine Tyrrell, humanitarian, speaker, visionary and author of Being Limitless: How to manifest miracles in your everyday life will talk about the vision and the philosophy of creating this exciting new conscious TV platform for global thought leaders.

After a near death experience at the age of 4, Josephine's life was foretold by her angels, whose vision has guided her throughout her life. These angels told her that she would have many children and be a humanitarian. Now, the mother of seven sons, she has brought together her soul purpose of creating Being Limitless: a platform for conscious thought leaders to foster peace and enlightenment around the world.

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E-mail: info@beinglimitlesstv.com