Introducing our Special Guests

Jenny Lynne Session (Jen-ix)

Jenny Lynne Sessions. (Jen-ix): is a Creative Catalyst for Change and Transformation, a visionary and ‘bridge between worlds’. She has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years.

Jen-ix is a transpersonal psychotherapist, personal empowerment coach and dynamic group facilitator. She is an inspirational speaker, artist, poet and firewalk instructor. She loves to work ‘outside the box’ and so is currently engaged as a radio broadcaster, presenter and a Global Ambassador for Being Limitless TV and is a founding member of the Being Limitless Team.

Widely recognised as a natural born Shaman, a highly attuned spiritual healer and teacher. She is a conduit for medicine songs and higher guidance honouring the interconnectedness of all life and the power of connection with nature.

Through her unique connection with voice and drum, she is able to harmonise discordant energies within the land through healing transmission. This sonic process, is also seen to activate and liberate significant healing results within a person's energy field and opens multidimensional doors through which to journey.

In the year 2000 she was adopted into the Red Bead family by Dr Jim Gilihan (Tatanka Scar) (Cherokee/Lakota) a peace keeper between tribes, 4th carrier of Sitting Bulls’ original pipe.

She was honoured to carry a ‘Canupa’, sacred medicine prayer pipe. She has journeyed with many significant, elders, shamans and leaders and within many different wisdom traditions. “ I am humbled and joyful to say ‘It is the wisdom of the elders’ that underpins my extensive work”.

A powerful alchemist, Jen-ix will meet you where ever you are on the road of life and facilitate the relinquishing of who you think you need to be in order to find your limitless truth. She helps you discover your missing ‘Piece/Peace’, find your authentic voice and celebrate life.

‘Where the light comes, darkness shines’. In 2009 Jen-ix stood on the cusp of life and death with a severely fractured spine. She knew she had been called to make a choice to recommit to life fully, to trust and love herself enough to bring herself home. To deliver her gifts, fulfil her soul purpose, turn trauma to treasure and become her own medicine for the benefit of all. This is what she teaches and it begins by developing the ‘art of connection to source’, and a willingness to ‘listen to your heart’. No negotiation! It is her calling to support people to listen to their heart, become their own medicine and help heal the earth. To turn trauma to treasure, restore balance and equilibrium, become sovereign and shine.

Using her unique ability to engage people and activate healing whether that is in corporate or medical environments, in small and large group settings, private consultations or bespoke encounters. Jen-ix brings people into instant resonance with themselves and one another helping them remember the power of community, prayer, purpose and presence.
“I honour the tremendous healing power of humour! Together as one we are strong, when we can welcome ourselves we belong”

You are invited to join:
A Circle of Feathers, The Power of Community and Spirit a monthly opportunity to strengthen your ropes of connection, heal what’s broken and benefit the earth and humanity.