Introducing our Special Guests

Claire Johnson

Claire was born in the U.K and worked as a Fashion designer with a Masters Degree from The Royal College of Art in London. As well as living and working in Italy and Australia Claire has travelled to many distant places and visited many diverse cultures, which have inspired her imagination, creativity and spirituality.

Twenty Five years ago whilst visiting a Native American Pueblo in New Mexico called ‘Taos’ Claire spontaneously started channelling a stream of Higher consciousness. She has been receiving beautiful poetic guidance ever since and her book “One From The Heart” has sold thousands of copies touching the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

For the past 20 years she has been painting visionary images and writing inspirational guidance from her family home in Sussex.

Her paintings speak eloquently in the silent language of colour and pattern and texture. They are lovingly crafted and embellished with precious gems and treasures from the natural world. They work as aids to meditation conveying a sense of wonder and awe, interfacing current reality and the magical inner realm of all possibility where LOVE and PEACE exist in a beautiful divine harmony ~

Instagram: Claire_Johnson1212